The winners of our Jedward competition: 

Winners of the bumper "Waterline" and "Victory" package;
Marek Poulsen
Ray O'Brien
Marco Triunfo
Winners of the bumper "Waterline" CD single;
Ghazala Sadiq
Steve O'Leary
Nigel Hall 
Thanks to everyone for entering. There will be another competition opening soon.


PICTURE ONE : "Walking The Streets In The Rain" (1965)


PICTURE TWO : "Horoscopes" (1981)


PICTURE THREE "Lipstick" (2011)


PICTURE FOUR "Terminal 3" (1984)


PICTURE FIVE "Cross Your Heart" (1974)


PICTURE SIX "Rock'n'Roll Kids" (1994)


PICTURE SEVEN "You Can Count On Me" (1986)


PICTURE EIGHT "In Your Eyes" (1993)


PICTURE NINE "Wait Until The Weekend Comes" (1985)


PICTURE TEN "We've Got The World" (2003)


Don't forget to send your answers to and the competition closes at midnight on Monday March 19th.