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SONG   "This Is The Night"
SINGER   Kurt Calleja
MUSIC & LYRICS Johan Jämtberg, Kurt Calleja, Mikael Gunnerås
DRAW   #4 in the second semi-final



Despite the fact that Malta is going through its worst series of results, since it returned to the contest in 1991, Maltese broadcaster PBS opted for the same selection process as in he last few years.

On August 27th, PBS opened a call for songs inviting local and international songwriters to submit entries. The only stipulation is that none of the previous five Maltese performers could enter the selection. On November 10th, PBS announced the 62 entries who would be judged behind closed doors by a jury and following that process 24 songs advanced to the semi-final stage of the competition that took place on February 3rd. Sixteen songs qualified for the national final which took place on on the following evening.

A 50/50 mix of a public televote a jury of international song contest experts chose the entry and in a split vote, the song that won the televote and came second with the jury won the Eurovision ticket and Kurt Calleja with the song "This Is The Night" which he co-wrote, represents Malta in Baku.



Kurt Calleja together with his band will represent Malta at the next Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. Kurt is twenty-two years old and is from Ħamrun. His favourite genre of music is pop, rock and semi-classical.

Kurt took his first singing audition when he was very young merely to join the school choir because he wanted to be with his friends. Years later he was chosen to sing in the children's choir during the last visit to Malta of his Holiness Pope John Paul II. It was only in 2005 that Kurt took singing very seriously.

In 2008 Kurt moved to the UK for a year to work as an air steward. During this period in England, Kurt spent most of his free time studying the piano and performing in a number of small venues such as restaurants, bars and clubs.

Back in Malta he started off as a backing vocalist on a television variety show and later as a solo singer on another family show on the national television station. Kurt has taken part in several television programmes.

The year 2010 got Kurt to perform in a duet in the national final of the Malta Song For Europe. Actually, 2010 was quite a successful year for Kurt as he took part and won the international festival called Orfeo In Italia, a festival that is held in Venice.

Another occasion which is truly noteworthy is the time when Kurt performed as a supporting act for world famous Zucchero.

The song This Is The Night is written by Kurt Calleja and composed by Johan Jämtberg, Mikael Gunnerås. Kurt together with the composers is working on his first album which will be out shortly.


Ever before the Maltese song was chosen, it was going to face an uphill struggle to qualify, as the allocation draw had placed Malta in the first half of a semi-final which has several countries from the from Yugoslavian and Soviet Union blocks. Despite a re-arrangement of the song and a significant amount of international promotion, which has taken Kurt from Amsterdam to Tbilisi, the Maltese have their work cut out to qualify especially from a difficult #4 position in the running order.

Internet polls are not encouraging as "This Is The Night" has generally ranked close to the bottom of the ranking and bookmakers also rate the song as an unlikely qualifier and at 250/1 to win the entire contest in Baku.




Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Tuesday May 15th 13:15 - 13:55 14:40 - 15:20
Friday May 18th 16:30 - 17:00 17:45 - 18:15
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland and the schedule has still to be confirmed officially






  Running Order
  Fan Polls





  • First entry: 1971
  • Number of previous entries: 24
  • Best result: Runner-up (twice) 
  • Worst result: Last (three times), failed to qualify (four times)
  • Qualification record: 2/4 (33% success)





"While I was surprised to see this win the Maltese selection, I now think Malta made the right choice as this song has more chance to stand out against the ballads in the second semi. I think this made be one of the most under-estimated songs in the contest. Kurt looks great, sings well and he and his band have a great sense of enthusiasm on stage. It is difficult to qualify from such an early draw, but I'd rate Maltese chance at 50/50." - Keith Mills



"In my opinion Malta often sends great songs to the contest. Maybe "This Is The Night" is not their best song ever, but it is far from being their worst and it's certainly not the worst song this year, so I don't understand the negativity. It's actually a fun and catchy song and to be honest, I even hope that it qualifies." - Nicky Peters (Belgium)

"Not really feeling this one, not bad, but not great either." - Sean P.Casey  (USA)

"A very average entry. Nothing outstanding or memorable and expect it to stay in the semi final where it belongs. Save yourself th bother and just send Claudia (Faniello) next time – give the girl a break." - Chris Church  (U.K.)

"A lovely guy with a horrible pop song; at best heard at a Maltese high school dance and nowhere else." - Leenhard Jan (Netherlands)

"One of the definitions of stupidity is trying the same thing time after time and a different result. This is just a less camp version of last's year's Maltese entry and that didn't qualify."- Sean O'Brien  (Ireland)