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SONG   "Crno I Belo" (Back And White) 
SINGER   Kaliopi
MUSIC  Romeo Grill   LYRICS  Kaliopi
DRAW   #2 in the second semi-final



Although it was part of Yugoslavia, none of the Yugoslav entries in the contest originated from Macedonia. In 1996 the newly independent Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia took part in Eurovision for the first time, although their entry failed to make it through the pre-qualifier for Oslo. The singer of that entry "Samo Ti" (Only You) was Kaliopi, one of the country's biggest music stars and now 16 years later she finally gets to represent Macedonia at Eurovision.

On November 19th, Macedonian broadcaster MKRTV confirmed its participation in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with the announcement that Kaliopi would be their entrant. On January 16th it was confirmed that the song had been chosen internally and that Kaliopi would sing "Crno I Belo" (Black And White) in Baku. The entry was recorded in Germany in January and was made public on February 29th in a special television show, showcasing Kaliopi. An English version of the song was also performed.



Kaliopi is the biggest pop star in FYR Macedonia, an exceptionally famous singer, composer, poet and is also renowned for her humanitarian work. Now she will grace the stage of Europe's Favourite TV Show performing Crno I Belo.

Kaliopi started her career when she was only 9 years old, winning the first place at a childrens song festival. She gained success and recognition with the band Kaliopi, originally in the former Yugoslav nations. The band became established and guided by Romeo Grill who was also the author of most of the songs. In a short period of time, they published two albums, and participated in some of the biggest festivals and shows in their homeland.

Kaliopi moved to Switzerland for a period but announced her comeback as a solo performer by winning the first place at the Skopje festival in 1996. In 1999 she moved back to FYR Macedonia, with her new album Oboi Me which had been recorded in Switzerland. This album was her last cooperation with Romeo Grill as producer.

Kaliopi has recorded nine albums in total, six of them with herself as writer. Each of them won Album Of The Year recognition. She has become one of the leading music artists in the region. She also works on other creative projects such as composing for Theatre and Ballet. She played the lead role in the first Macedonian musical Cija Si. She has had many collaborations with big artists such as Sting, Renee Fleming, Andreas Scholl and world famous lute player Edin Karamazov.

Kaliopi has been given the title of Honorary UNHCR Ambassador, Honorary Ambassador of the Macedonian Economy in the World. Also, among the many awards and recognitions over the years, she was awarded with the Mother Theresa statuette for her distinguished and dedicated humanitarian work. Kaliopi imprints her work as a high standard in the Macedonian and Balkan music and art, remaining the favorite of her own people, the Macedonian and Balkan pop-diva.



As an internally chosen song that did not have the advantage of the attention that follows a national final, the Macedonian song initially struggled to make an impact. However with a English version and some international promotion, the Macedonian song has begun to get noticed.  

Perhaps because of getting the worst possible draw in what is seen as the tougher of the two semi-finals, Macedonia is just outside the Top 10 most likely qualifiers with bookmakers, a position it also hold in internet polls.




Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Tuesday May 15th 11:45 -12:25 13:10 - 13:50
Friday May 18th 15:30 - 16:00 16:45 - 17:15
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland and the schedule has still to be confirmed officially






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  • First entry: 1998 (Failed to qualify in 1996)*
  • Number of previous entries: 11
  • Best result: 12th (2006) 
  • Worst result: 19th (2002), failed to qualify (2008, 2009,2010)     
  • Qualification record: 4/4 (50% success)
  • * Formerly part of part of Yugoslavia




"It's perhaps not as instant as a contest song needs to be, but otherwise there's nothing I don't like about this. The smokey voice reminds me of Bonnie Tyler. I actually like the tempo change and the delivery is very good. I do think that perhaps some of it could be in English, to broaden its appeal, but despite what bookmakers and polls say, I think this will qualify and it could give Macedonia its best ever Eurovision result." - Keith Mills


":I really like this in both its Macedonian and English versions. Ballady and rocky at the same time. I think Kaliopi will deliver a strong enough performance to qualify from a Balkan heavy semi-final and could also do well in the final. I just hope the guitarist doesn't do cheesy fake faces in his solo as that could kill it off." - Philip Stuart (U.K.)

"This starts very well and sets off to be a rather typical but ok Balkan ballad. Then it wanders and speeds up into a retro sound that lives up to the Former Yugoslavian part of Macedonia’s current name. It could be from any Yugoslavian NF of the late 80s. The screech doesn’t help one bit. I think it is better on record than live as I’ve always found that she overplays her performance and needs to take the edge off a bit. It’s all a tad too in your face and challenging. I think this may lose out and not make it through to Saturday night." - Allan River  (U.K.)

"My favourite ballad this year. Kaliopi is a real artist with a great voice and the song is amazing. Shame that she appears 2nd after another ballad. I would really like to see this one on the 26th, it will all depend on the live performance." - Paschalis Barmpoutis  (Greece)

"Best Macedonian song since Ninanajna. Welcome back to the finals." - Sean P. Casey (USA)

"This beautiful song starts as a modest but lovely ballad at the piano to finish in a strong Balkan tune. And this is fully supported by the strong voice of performer Kaliopi."- Nicky Peeters  (Belgium)