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SONG   "Love Is Blind"
SINGER    Donny Montell
MUSIC   Brandon Stone
LYRICS   Brandon Stone & Jodie Rose
DRAW   #18 in the second semi-final



On September 11th, Lithuanian broadcaster LRT confirmed their participation in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, although the broadcaster had been struggling with financial problems. On October 14th, LRT opened the call for songs from all of Europe, for the national selection. The broadcaster also internally selected a number of songs to participate in the televised shows. On November 6th, LRT announced more details on their selection process. Four semi-finals were pre-recorded and broadcast in February. 12 songs qualified automatically for the final and two further finalists were added as "wildcards".

The Lithuanian Final was held on March 3rd at the LRT Studios in Vilnius and hosted by Liepa Rimkeviciene and Darius Uzkuraitis. The winner was chosen over two rounds of voting. In the first round the Top 3 was chosen by televoting and a jury, each with a 50% weighting, while in the second round the winner was chosen by a jury alone. The pre-selection favourite won the ticket to Baku and Donny Montell will perform "Love Is Blind" for Lithuania at Eurovision.


For Donatas Montvydas, or Donny Montell (24), creating, singing and dancing is his passion in life, a way to discharge emotionally. "If there is at least one person in the world (including me), for whom my creative work gives pleasure, then I’d like to be a part of the music.”

Donatas Montvydas was born on October 22, 1987, in Vilnius. The musical path of Donny Montell began in the song contest Dainų dainelė where he became the laureate. Later he studied at Balys Dvarionas music school. “That was the time when I understood that music was going to be a part of my whole life” – states the young singer.

Donny is a successful participant of various TV-shows: his voice mesmerized both the audience and jury at Duets Of The Stars and he won the Lithuanian version of the Dancing With the Stars. He competed at prestigious festivals as well, like Slavianskij Bazar and New Wave. He's also taken part in the national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 and 2011, when he was close to the victory.

Meanwhile Donatas also found time to participate in the TABAMI project, where he performed songs of Michael Jackson.“It was one of my dreams that came true – to sing Michael Jackson’s songs on the big stage”.

Donatas began 2012 successfully as well. He participated in the national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest, where he became the favourite of both professionals and TV-viewers, and received the right to participate in the the biggest musical event in Europe with the song Love Is Blind.

Like Donny Montell, this isn't the first attempt that songwriter Brandon Stone has made to get to Eurovision. In 2010, he wrote the song "I Love You" which won the first Ukrainian final, but which eventually lost out on the ticket to Oslo.


Lithuania lengthy and complex selection process does not tend to gain the same attention as other countries and this year is no different. The selection of "Love Is Blind" made less impact than many other countries and the song was generally dismissed as an unlikely contender for victory in Baku.

With no official video, and limited international promotion, the song continues to rank near the bottom in internet polls and bookmakers rate Lithuania as a 150/1 shot to win the contest. While "Love Is Blind" is not among the ten favourites to qualify from the second semi-final, the late draw means that it appears to be a possible finalist as it's an even money qualifier.


Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Wednesday May 16th 18:55 - 19:35 20:20- 21:00
Sunday May 20th 13:30 - 14:00 14:45 - 15:15
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland.






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  • First entry: 1994
  • Number of previous entries: 12
  • Best result: 6th (2006)
  • Worst result: Last (1994), failed to qualify (three times)
  • Qualification record: 3-4 (42% success)
  • *Also several entries as part of Yugoslavia.  




"I've waited for Donny to make his long overdue debut at Eurovision, but I fear that while he is a fantastic performer, he deserves a much better song. "Love Is Blind" is neither one thing or the other, neither a ballad or a dance-pop song and no matter what Donny does in the performance, I fear that there isn't enough of anything in the song, for it to qualify. Nevertheless, from this draw, it might just scrape in."- Keith Mills



"Why was this such an outright winner in their heats is beyond me. Totally boring and despite his good looks I don't think it will make many extra points to compensate." - Philip Stuart  (U.K.)

"Lithuania is shaping up to be my favourite Baltic country in Eurovision. In the last 5 years they have sent 4 wonderful songs to the competition (the only exception being their horrendous 2010 entry). And this year they have another amazing song. Donny Montell is such a charming performer and he is very easy on the eye. The song starts as a very emotional and sweet ballad and halfway through the song turns into a catchy disco song. This deserves to be in the final. A very underrated entry." - Nicky Peters (U.K.)

"Love may be blind, but the audience is not. They are on a coffee break. Not going anywhere." - David Berlinger (Israel)

"What's the deal with Lithuania? The deaf got their attention last year, now the blind? Singer OK, good-looking as well, but the song is dull as hell." - Leendert Jan (Netherlands)

"If you've got a weak song, get a gimmick. This is a weak song and the blindfold is a poor gimmick. Mind you, with neighbours and their immigrants don't rule it out." - Sean O'Brien (Ireland)