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SONG   "Waterline" 
SINGERS   Jedward
MUSIC & LYRICS   Nick Jarl
DRAW   #18 in the first semi-final



Following their Top 10 result in Dusseldorf in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, Jedward announced in October that they were interesting in representing Ireland in the competition, for a second time. Rumours circulated that RTÉ were considering a repeat of the formula used in 2006 and 2007 where Jedward would perform a section of potential entries, with the public choosing the winner. However in early December RTÉ confirmed that they would repeat the same formula as 2011 with five mentors choosing a song and an act and these would compete for the votes of regional juries and a national televote in a “Late Late Show” special. 

On February 9th, the five acts competing in Irish selection were unveiled on radio and as well as Jedward (mentored by 1992 Eurovision winner Linda Martin), Donna McCaul who had represented Ireland at Eurovision in 2005 was confirmed as another potential Irish entrant in Baku. The five songs were performed in a Eurovision special “Late Late Show” on February 24th and the winner of both the televote and the jury vote was “Waterline” written and composed by Swedish songwriter Nick Jarl  and performed by Jedward.


Jedward make Irish Eurovision Song Contest history as for the first time Ireland sends the same act two years in a row.

Last the year the pop duo came 8th in the contest with Lipstick – Ireland's best result in the contest for 11 years. Lipstick went on to chart in Belgium, Sweden, Germany and Austria, where it peaked at number 3.

Shortly after their success in the Eurovision Song Contest, Jedward returned to Ireland where they performed in front of an audience of 60,000 people at a concert to welcome US President Barack Obama to Ireland.

The past 12 months have been the busiest for the twins yet – they came 3rd in the UK's Celebrity Big Brother; they released their second album, Bad Behaviour and completed a sell-out tour across Ireland, UK, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and Austria.

Jedward were selected to represent Ireland again this year after winning the Irish Eurosong selection competition, topping both the public and jury vote in February. They are performing Waterline.The twins are being mentored this year by Irish Eurovision winner, Linda Martin, who won the contest in 1992 with Why Me.

Waterline was composed by Nick Jarl and Sharon Vaughn. Nick is a songwriter/music producer from Sweden and has written songs for the likes of Westlife, Ironik! As well as songs for numerous Scandinavian acts.

Sharon Vaughn is an American songwriter living in Sweden who has composed hits for artists all over the world including Boyzone, Willie Nelson, The Wanted, Clay Aiken, Jay Smith (Swedish Pop Idol Winner), Stefanie Heinzmann, Aslan, Jedward and many more.


Once Jedward's participation in the Irish selection was confirmed, few doubted that we'd be seeing them represent Ireland for a second year. The runaway success in the Irish final was matched with a Top 5 place in the Irish chart. Odds on qualifying from the first semi-final plummeted further when Ireland drew a "wildcard" in the draw for the running order and chose to perform last in the first semi-final.

There has been an almost unprecedented amount of international promotion for the Irish entry, as Jedward's Eurovision exploits in 2011 have earned them a large foreign fan base There's an interesting divergence between bookmakers and internet polls on the Irish entry. Bookmakers rate Ireland among the Top 10 favourites to win the contest in Baku, but most polls see Ireland in the middle or the bottom half of the ranking.



Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Monday May 14th 18-10 - 18-50 19:35 - 20:15
Friday May 18th 13:30 - 14:00 14:45 - 15:15
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland and the schedule has still to be confirmed officially






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  • First entry: 1965
  • Number of previous entries: 45
  • Best result: Winners (1970,1980,1987,1992,1993,1994,1996) 
  • Worst result: Last (2007), failed to qualify (3 times)     
  • Qualification record: 3/3 (50% success)




"After doing more to help Ireland at Eurovision (and vice versa) Jedward are back. The problem with making such a quick comeback is that you are always going to be compared with the previous year's effort. Personally, I think "Lipstick" is one of the best Eurovision songs and performances, and "Waterline" doesn't quite match it. However we still have to see what the Eurovision performance looks like. I think Ireland is a pretty certain qualifier, but the draw in the final will determine if Ireland will challenge for victory." - Keith Mills



":And Jedward is up next with this disappointing production. This guys didn't have the best song last year but they surely gave one of the most energetic performances that has ever been staged at Eurovision yet they won't be able to do the same with this monotonous song. If you fail to win the contest and you want to try it again you must come up with something huge and there is no way that Waterline could reach Lipstick, and I'm probably being unfair because at the end they're two different songs but this guys still have their last year's participation on their backs and that's why people will ask for more even though there are worse entries this year. Waterline sounds like one of those dreadful Glee covers with outdated and emotionless tunes. It might just qualify but it will probably end up like Chiara in 2009." - Anthony Lopez (Greece)

"Hoorah for Jedward. Love them or hate them, they are just a joy to watch. They seem to have an infectious “joie de vivre” which makes you smile throughout their performance. Not a patch on “Lipstick” but still a great piece of europop. The on stage chaotic jumping about can effect their vocal performance which they need to keep an eye on, but combined with the great draw will see them to the final for sure." - Chris Church  (U.K.)

"OK, initially I was very skeptical about Jedward re-appearing but I suppose this song isn't too bad - no, it's actually slightly better than Lipstick. Even so, compared to Lipstick it's a bit sterile and I really wish artists woudn't compete more than twice in a row." - Olivia Gavazansky  (U.K.)

"Even weaker than last year’s entry. The “act” speaks for itself – the music died indeed. I really hoped not to see/hear them again." - Paul Hutter (Germany)

"To begin with Jedward are really talented lads in my opinion. They can’t sing, but they can sell a performance. Last year they were unique and fresh and as a result they managed a top 10 score for the Irish. This year they seem repetitive. If I were to decide I would probably send Donna McCaul or Andrew Mann to the ESC, even though this year’s Irish selection is nowhere near the level of 2011. Nice effort, but already seen again."- Athan  (Greece)