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SONG   "Sound Of Our Hearts" 
SINGER   Compact Disco
MUSIC & LYRICS  Behnam Lotfi, Gábor Pál, Attila Sándor, Csaba Walkó
DRAW   #15 in the first semi-final



After several years choosing their Eurovision entries internally, Hungarian broadcaster MTV opted to have an open selection to pick their entry for Baku. On December 1st, called for songs for their national selection. Entries could be submitted until December 30th. Hungarian and foreign composers were allowed to send entries. The twenty participants, which competed in two semi-finals of "A Dal" (The Song) were chosen by a jury and were revealed on January 10th. In two semi-finals, four songs each qualify for the final; three chosen by a  jury and another one by televoting.

Eight songs competed in the Hungarian final, staged in MTV studios in Budapest on February 11th. televoting will select four super-finalists, and then the winner will be determined by the expert jury. The winner was chosen over two rounds of voting. In the first round, a jury of four music professionals and a public televote, chose the Top 4, which progressed to the second round. In the second round, each jury member chose their favourite from the Top 4, and the winners, taking the votes of two jury members was the group Compact Disco" and the song "Sound Of Our Hearts".



The four band members of Compact Disco have been performing and recording music together since 2005, but only four years later their first album was launched. Now they are one of the most popular acts in Hungary.

The Hungarian four-member band Compact Disco is comprised of Behnam Lotfi - one half of the techno producing team Collins & Behnam - and three former members of the funk-pop outfit Brownfield: vocalist Csaba Walkó, keyboard player Gábor Pál and bass player Attila Sándor.

In 2005, Lofti was on the lookout for a talented vocalist when he spotted Walkó in the Hungarian equivalent of the TV talent show American Idol. He approached Walkó to sing lead vocals on Collins and Benham’s cover of Seal’s Killer. At that time, Walkó was singing in the funk-pop ensemble Brownfield. Fellow band member Gábor Pál, leader and founder of Toy Division, went along and the three founding members of Compact Disco - Lofti, Pal and Walkó - were introduced.

However, three years passed before the three got together as a band playing electronic vocal pop music. In August 2008 they rolled up their sleeves and started working immediately on their first collaboration: the track Fly Or Dive. In July 2009 the band had a name - Compact Disco - and their first album - Stereoid - was ready to launch.

The video for the first track to be released off the album, I’m In Love, was hugely popular. It topped the Hungarian VIVA Club Chart and entered various international charts including the UK Buzz Chart and the Swiss DJ Chart. The track also scored a hit with acclaimed DJs all around the world, including Tiësto. In May 2010 Bravo magazine nominated the band for a 2010 Hungarian Otto Award as "Best New Artist". A busy summer followed with Compact Disco appearing at almost all the major Hungarian music festivals.

The band released their second album titled ‘II’ in May 2011 which significantly boosted the band’s popularity. The single “Feel The Rain” received heavy airplay in all major radio stations. Compact Disco won by popular vote the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 in “Best Local Act - Hungary” and received a nomination to the European selection for “Worldwide Act”.

Compact Disco had the honour to perform at the bicentennial celebration of the famous Hungarian composer and virtuoso, Franz Liszt's birth, called Liszt Remix. They were accompanied by the Budafoki Dohnányi Orchestra (BDZ) which also accompanied Sting on his second Symphonicity tour.

Their first ever big solo gig took place in January 2012 on the sold-out A38 ship - which by the way was voted the world’s best bar by Lonely Planet’s website just in February 2012. On 11 February 2012 Compact Disco won the televised Hungarian National Selection of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, after a series of pre-selections and semi-finals. They are going to represent Hungary in Baku, Azerbaijan with their song Sound Of Our Hearts.


Reaction to the Hungarian entry was generally enthusiastic when it was chose and the song has gone on to be a hit in the Hungarian charts. However with limited international promotion, it has tended to decline in the ranking as other songs were chosen.

Bookmakers do not rate the song among the Top 10 songs most likely to qualify from the semi-final and at 150/1, Hungary is an unlikely winner. Internet polls also have the song closer to the bottom that the top of their ranking.



Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Monday May 14th 15:40 - 16:20 17:05 - 17:45
Friday May 18th 12:00 - 12:30 13:15 - 13:45
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland and the schedule has still to be confirmed officially






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  • First entry: 1994
  • Number of previous entries: 9
  • Best result: 4th (1994) 
  • Worst result: Second last (1995), failed to qualify (twice)   
  • Qualification record: 3/2 (100% success)




"When I originally heard this and saw the amateur video that someone had made for it, I thought that it would be hard to beat in the Hungarian selection and that it could be a serious challenger in Baku. However I changed my mind, having seen the live version. The band and especially the lead singer don’t come across well on camera. There’s nothing that cannot be put right before Eurovision, but from being a potential winner back in January, I now see this as a 50/50 qualifier from the semi." - Keith Mills



"Nice song, but kind of boring. I think that Hungary played all their cards last year and are tired from all the effort. The lead singer needs some sessions with a vocal coach, but all in all a good entry." - Athan  (Greece)

"Makes me think of Modern Talking. I don't dislike it, but there's nothing really there to make me love it.. " - Leendert Jan  (Netherlands)

"It's trying too hard to be a meaningful song. Add the cheese factor of the lyrics with the lead singer's live-performance (which was lacking in the national final), and I don't see it qualifying." - Sean P.Casey (USA)

"This is one of my (very few) favourite songs this year. It is an electronic ballad with some dreary lyrics that are actually forgiven thanks to its amazing melody. Compact Disco (another memory of the 90s) prove their skilled performance by associating technology with traditional instruments within a song that makes you loose up. The song can be just perfect as an instrumental tune. Chances of reaching the final are quite slim however it still is one of the greatest songs that has ever entered the competition."- Anthony Lopez  (Venezuela)

"What a great sound. Always nice to see a real band on stage. Really love this and hope it can do well. Following the grannies might be a problem but it will certainly be a contrast which is in their favour.” - Chris Church (USA)