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There have now been fifty two Eurovision Song Contests, since the first event staged in the Swiss city of Lugano on Thursday 24th May 1956. There were only seven competing nations on that occasion, and uniquely each country had two songs in the competition, and the voting was kept private, with only the winner being announced. The 1957 and 1958 contests each had ten competing songs, making them the smallest contests. With more countries joining the competition since 1993, a system of relegation was introduced to limit the number at each contest. In 2004 a new semi-final system was introduced, which allowed all interested countries take part in the contest. In 2008 there will be another change to the format of the contest with two semi-finals, with ten entries advancing to the final, where they will join five automatic finalists. 

Over the next year I will be providing a review and information on every Eurovision Song Contest, including video links and voting grids.

1956 Lugano 1957 Frankfurt 1958 Hilversum 1959 Cannes 1960 London
1961 Cannes 1962 Luxembourg 1963 London 1964 Copenhagen 1965 Naples
1966 Luxembourg 1967 Vienna 1968 London 1969 Madrid 1970 Amsterdam
1971 Dublin 1972 Edinburgh 1973 Luxembourg 1974 Brighton 1975 Stockholm
1976 The Hague 1977 London 1978 Paris 1979 Jerusalem 1980 The Hague
1981 Dublin 1982 Harrogate 1983 Munich 1984 Luxembourg 1985 Gothenburg
1986 Bergen 1987 Brussels 1988 Dublin 1989 Lausanne 1990 Zagreb
1991 Rome 1992 Malmo 1993 Millstreet 1994 Dublin 1995 Dublin
1996 Oslo 1997 Dublin 1998 Birmingham 1999 Jerusalem 2000 Stockholm
2001 Copenhagen 2002 Tallinn 2003 Riga 2004 Istanbul 2005 Kyiv
2006 Athens