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SONG   "I'm a Joker"
SINGER    Anri Jokhadze
MUSIC  Rusudan Chkhaidze
LYRICS   Bibi Kvachadze
DRAW   #12 in the second semi-final



Despite the fact that the 2012 contest was being staged in their own backyard, Georgian broadcaster GPB was one of the last to confirm its participation in Baku. On December 9th, GPB confirmed that they would be sending an entry and a week later opened a call for songs in either English or Georgian. A panel of experts then selected 9 songs to compete in the national finals.

The Georgian Final was held on February 19th at the 1TV Studios in Tbilisi and hosted by Temo Kvirkvelia. The winner was chosen by a 50/50 mix of a public televote and a jury. Only the winner was announced and the winner of the Georgian ticket to Baku was Anri Jokhadze and the song "I'm A Jocker". The song was substantially re-arranged and re-titled before the Eurovision submission deadline, with the new title "I'm A Joker".



Arni Jokhadze is the first male Georgian singer ever to represent Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest. In Baku, the artist will perform his pop song I’m A Joker.

Anri Jokhadze is famous as a pop singer in his country. He was born on November 6th, 1980 in Georgia. Anri Jokhadze currently lives and works in Tbilisi, and he is famous and loved by the Georgian audience for his distinctive artistic talent and his powerful voice with a great range of no less than four octaves!

Arni started his music career in 1998. and he has won thirteen music awards to date. He also has a title of "The Georgian Golden Voice". Arni has released three albums to date. "Me Maints Moval" released in 2005. "I Appear on the Stage Again" in 2006 and  "New Songs" in 2011.

This will be Anri's second time on the Eurovision Song Contest stage, as back in 2009 he was one of the backing singers for "Peace Wil Come" by Diana Gurtskaya.

In Baku, Anri Jokhadze will perform the song I'm A Joker composed by Rusudan Chkhaidze with lyrics in Georgian and English by Bibi Kvachadze. While Rusudan is a newcomer to Eurovision, Bibi has an interesting Eurovision history. In 2007 he  wrote the lyrics to "Visionary Dream", Georgia's first entry in the Eurovision Song Contest and 2009 he was responsible for the lyrics of "We Don't Wanna Put In" the song which was controversially disqualified from participation in the contest in Moscow.



Initial reaction to the Georgian selection seemed to be universally negative, with many doubting that this year's entry would maintain Georgia's 100% qualification record. The heavily re-arranged version softened some resistance to the song but bookmakers remain unconvinced offering the song as a 5/2 outsider to qualify and at a very generous 250/1 to win in Baku.

With very limited international promotion, the Georgian entry is struggling near the bottom of most internet polls and the signs are not good for Georgia qualifying from the tougher second semi-final in Baku.


Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Wednesday May 16th 12:30 - 13:10 13:55 - 14:35
Saturday May 19th 12:30 - 13:00 13:45 - 14:15
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland and the schedule has still to be confirmed officially






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  • First entry: 2007
  • Number of previous entries: 4 (plus one disqualification)
  • Best result: 9th (2010 and 2011)
  • Worst result: 12th (2007)
  • Qualification record: 4-0 (100% success)





"Rivalling Montenegro as the most completely bonkers entry of the year but I would rate its chances a lot higher than the odd and polls suggest. Arni is a fantastic singer, the stage show will be unforgettable and it could be quirky enough to make it to the final. I cannot see another Top 10 result, however." - Keith Mills



"If the past few years have taught us anything, it's never underestimate Georgia's chances, especially given their run of great performances. This has the makings of a surprise top 10 finish. " - Chris Church (U.K.)

"Joke entry indeed. Horrible voice. Still not as bad as San Marino, and I do like the Oriental music loop." - Leendert  Jan (Netherlands)

"Not as bad as some people might say, but still far from being great. I am very curious to know if this can qualify from such a strong semifinal. I hope not but I wouldn't bet on it." - Nicky Peeters (Belgium)

"A bad "Cabaret" out-take, that's turned into an unfunny joke. " - Sean O'Brien  (Ireland)

"Improved marginally with the remix, but personally hate this. Expect it to qualify though as it is memorable and with a heavy eastern influence should make quite an impact on stage." - Chris Church (U.K.)