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SONG   "Should've Known Better" 
SINGER   Soluna Samay
MUSIC   Isam Bachiri, Remee & Chief 1   LYRICS  Chief 1
DRAW   #13 in the first semi-final



The day after the curtain fell on the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, Danish broadcaster DR confirmed their intention to be in Baku in 2012. Potential entries could be submitted until September 26th and a total of 678 songs were submitted. Six songs were selected in open competition from the submitted entries and four entries were invited by DR.

A line-up of ten  acts that were to compete in the Danish final was announced on January 5th. However when one of the selected finalists was disqualified for being released too early, the field was reduced to nine. The Danish Final was held on January 21st at the Gigantium Arena in Aalborg and hosted by Louise Wolff and Emil Thorup. The winner was chosen over two rounds of voting. In the first round a jury and televote reduced the field to the Top 3. In the second round the winner was chosen by televoting (50% weighting), a local jury (10% weighting) and four international juries (40%). The clear winner of both jury and televote was Guatemalan born singer Soluna Samay and the song  "Should've Known Better".


From busker to winner of the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2012. Soluna Samay will travel to Baku and represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Remée and Chief 1 first discovered Soluna Samay through the social medias when they were looking for a solo singer to perform their wild card entry at the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2012. On the other hand they could easily have met Soluna on the street, where she often performs as a busker, both in Copenhagen and in other big cities around Europe. The 21-year-old singer/song writer has been doing this throughout her whole life, visiting many of the world’s continents, performing and singing her songs.

Soluna Samay started singing in the streets at the age of 6, helping her father out, making a living as he performed in streets and alleys all over the world. Her father taught her how to play the drums, the double bass and the guitar, and before the age of 10 Soluna was writing her first songs. Since then she has played, both on her own and together with her father, earning a living every summer.

When the Danes first met Soluna, it was on TV for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix, and immediately she stole their hearts. She won the votes of the Danish fans, and thereby also the honour of representing Denmark at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. When she was initially contacted by Chief 1 in December, and heard the song, she had never imagined she would be getting this experience.

Soluna Samay was born and raised in Guatemala, by her German father and her Swiss-German mother. At the age of 10 the family moved to Denmark, settling down on the small island of Bornholm. As many others before them, they fell in love with Denmark, and bought a small country house which they renovated. Today Soluna lives in Copenhagen, one of the many places she considers home. When you have lived this many places, travelling and performing all over Europe and the world, you get a special relationship to people, cities and countries. A way of living which has taught Soluna a lot throughout the years and which she values highly in her life. This background is the reason that she masters 5 languages. She feels like a world citizen.

When Soluna sings her own songs you can tell that she has something on her mind. But this is also the case when she sings and interprets songs by other composers. She makes the songs relevant and sings them as if they where her own. When they first met Soluna, Isam B, Chief 1 and Remée were so moved by her voice and her personality, that there was no question that she was the right singer to perform their song in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix.

Remée and Chief 1 (creators of the record label REACH) have, as individual artists, producers and songwriters achieved many successes. They are responsible for well over 30 million worldwide record sales. Among other achievements one can mention the prestigious ‘Ivor Novello’ award for one of the most played songs in the UK in 10 years, (Jamelia’s “Superstar”). Moroccan Isam B is the well-known front man in the Danish hip-hop group ‘Outlandish’. They have a huge hit with the song “Aicha” topping the charts in several countries such as Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

“Should’ve Known Better” could easily have been written about Soluna’s own life and that makes it easy for her to personify the meaning of the song. “The song is very beautiful and it touches people when they hear it” Soluna explains. “I am looking forward to singing the song on the big stage in Baku in May, where my grandparents in Switzerland and Germany will have the opportunity to watch and vote for me”.
When Soluna goes on stage in Baku it will be an international performance. Her band consists of musicians of different nationalities, which makes sense as it brings the vibe she feels as a world citizen.

Soluna Samay is a true musician; she is versatile in her music and in her visual expression. It is exactly this diversity that makes her very present and loveable. She understands how to reach out to an audience whether it is on the street or in front of thousands of TV viewers. She has a gift like very few, she makes people stop and listen, allowing themselves to be consumed in her universe. In Spanish sun is “Sol” and moon is “Luna” and in-between is the star, Soluna.


From the moment that it was chosen, Denmark was rated among  the favourites to win in Baku. The song soon became a big local hit, but international promotion has been limited, although Soluna performed her song at the Bulgarian national final.

Bookmakers rate Denmark as one of the favourites to qualify from the first semi-final and in the top five songs most likely to win the overall contest and while the song is not quite as highly ranked in internet polls, it is still seen as one of the most likely qualifiers.




Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Monday May 14th 13:15 - 13:55 14:40 - 15:20
Thursday May 17th 18:50 - 19:20 20:05 - 20:35
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland and the schedule has still to be confirmed officially






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  • First entry: 1957
  • Number of previous entries: 40
  • Best result: Winners (1963 and 2000) 
  • Worst result: Last (2002), failed to qualify (twice)    
  • Qualification record: 5/2 (71% success)





"When I heard the Danish finalists before the show, this one passed me by, but when I saw it on stage it was one of my “wow moments” of the 2012 season. Soluna looks great, sings well and there’s a love authentic feel to the performance. This is Denmark doing what it does best, a contemporary radio friendly song, that is instantly appealing. If I was to have a criticism, it’s that there might be a bit too much going on on stage, but that’s a minor quibble." - Keith Mills



"The Danes have come up with truly professional entrants since the disastrous drama queen. This year they are represented by a Guatemalan-born musician Soluna Samay and I'm glad she's representing another latino face proving that not all of us are Ricky Martins or JLos. A straight forward number she's only accompanied by a guitar and a back up band with drums, keyboards, and a bass. I love this song because it reminds to a chick rock tune from the mid-90s when female solo guitarists were on the edge (too bad that's long gone). There are some high expectations of qualifying but I fear that in a year full of euro-pop dancers and melancholic ballads this simple performance might gone unnoticed." - Anthony Lopez  (Venezuela)

"What to say? This is one of the most annoying songs I have heard in many a long Eurovision year. Stylistically it is mess in every department. The presentation is amateur and so smug in the extreme. It is another non-song, just the same four lines repeated ad nauseam in an unattractive 1980s “cutie” pretend voice. Two minutes in and I was considering self-harm as a profession. If it is lucky enough to qualify, and it will be luck only that gets it through certainly not merit, it will hopefully finish mid to bottom. " - Allan River  (U.K.)

"Although Denmark being one of my favourite countries in Eurovision, they have disappointed me this year. This is such a boring song and it's really not going anywhere. This is their weakest effort since 1997! And I even don't want to see them in the final this year. I expected a lot more of Denmark." - Nicky Peeters (Belgium)

"Nice song, but it took me more than five listenings to appreciate it and I think it's not instant enough to stand out. The juries will probably love it, but will the televoters have the same opinion? I doubt we will see Denmark in the top 5 this year, unless they have a great draw."- Paschalis Barmpoutis  (Greece)

"After sending Top 5 songs for the past two years, they send an even better one. Not ready to call it a winner, but definitely Top 5 for another year..” - Sean P Casey (USA)