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SONG   "Nebo" (Heaven)
SINGER    Nina Badrić
MUSIC & LYRICS    Nina Badrić
DRAW   #10 in the second semi-final



Having made its debut as an independent country in Millstreet in 1993 and done reasonably well for the rest of that decade, it is now eleven years since Croatia finished in the Top 10 at Eurovision. 

Having abandoned the traditional Dora format in 2011 and then used a national talent search to choose its entrant, HRT once again chaged its selection process for Baku. On November 22nd, HRT confirmed their participation in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and also announced that Dora 2012 will undergo big changes. Famous Croatian singers will be invited and they would get the chance to choose their own songwriters. However a few weeks later HRT announced that with a low level of interest for experienced artists, that the Dora would  be cancelled and that they would choose the entry internally, for those acts that had expressed interest in representing Croatia at Eurovision.

On January 9th it was confirmed that popular local singer Nina Badric had been chosen to represent Croatia at Eurovision. The 39 year old singer is well known throughout former Yugoslavia and made four previous unsuccessful attempts to compete at Eurovision. On February 18th the song was presented in a special show featuring other Eurovision singers and the track "Nebo" (Sky) from Nina's most recent album was unveiled as the entry.



Croatian broadcaster HRT this year decided to internally select one of the nation's top female artists, Nina Badrić in their quest for glory on the Eurovision stage.

Nina Badrić is one of the most successful and most awarded Croatian musicians, whose career has successfully lasted for the past 20 years. Accomplishments, rewards and popularity are following this musician beyond Croatian borders, where she’s been dubbed the best and most favourite pop singer from the former Yugoslavian region year in, year out, by both audiences and music professionals.

In the nineties Nina commenced a solo singing career, heading music charts all over Croatia. She is a multiple winner of the Popularity Oscar, awarded by the professionals and audiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Besides a terrific voice that many compare to those of divas like Angie Stone, Alicia Keys or Mary J. Blige, Nina is characterized by many as one of the most complete musicians today. Her personality, charm, or the so called factor X immediately win people over, and as far as her looks are concerned, many claim that she has been one of the most beautiful Croatian singers for years.

Nina Badrić’s face was recognized as the face of the world campaign for Frederique Constant luxury watches. The campaign with Nina’s trademark face graces billboards all over the world and numerous fashion magazines, such as Vogue, In Style or NY Times. She is known as a person that gladly takes part in many humanitarian activities. Nina Badrić is a singer who has tried her hand with every musical genre, from pop to jazz, leaving her specific mark of recognizable and strong interpretation in each of them. She writes most of her songs, and it is with an original composition that she plans to represent Croatia at the upcoming Eurosong competition.




After plans to sing the song in English in Baku were abandoned in favour of a re-arranged version in Croatian  this year's entry has gone almost unnoticed, even at home. A reasonable draw and having many of its neighbours in the same semi-final may have helped the song secure a place in the Top 10 qualifiers with bookmakers, but it just misses out with most internet polls.

There has been little or no international promotion, as Nina and her team have concentrated their efforts on recording a promotional video and rehearsing a newly choreographed version of the song for Baku.




Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Wednesday May 16th 11:45 - 12:35 12:25 - 13:05
Saturday May 19th 11:30 - 12:00 12:45 - 13:15
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland and the schedule has still to be confirmed officially






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  • First entry: 1993
  • Number of previous entries: 19
  • Best result: 4th (1996 & 1999) 
  • Worst result: 21st (2008), did not qualify (3 times)
  • Qualification record: 2-6 (25% success)





"It has a rather dreary opening and it takes forever to get going and I can understand how it started life as an album track. However the re-arrangement and the edit to three minutes have helped. I'm sure that with an experienced singer, the stage performance will be strong, but it does nothing for me.  This is a 50/50 qualifier, in my book." - Keith Mills



"Nebo is a well-composed and professional song with a great combination of strings, synths and loosely ethnic sounds. The electric guitar in the chorus sounds magical which is actually the strongest part of the song, too bad we won't get that live. Nina's vocals are also very strong. The only bad aspects around it is that is a bit repetitive and could turn boring and the fact that it's sandwiched between the two strongest competitors this year might overshadow its chances of qualifying I guess we'll just have to wait and see. " - Anthony Lopez (Venezuela)

"A dull song with some ethnic flavour but it just prods along. It doesn't stand out so it won't be remembered. Neighbours may push it through to the final though" - David Belinger (Israel)

"I love Nina Badric and I so much want to like this but it just leaves me somewhat cold. It never seems to get going anywhere and doesn’t have that much of anything to hang onto. Being in the Balkan heavy semi will indeed help her due to her superstardom in that area but it will also hinder as she will be competing for votes with Croatia’s neighbours. I think Nina should be able to sing her way into the final but I’m not 100%." - Allan River (UK)

"Another decent Balkan ballad, but not as strong as the Serbian and Slovenian ones. Reminds me at the old saying:” the better is the enemy of the good”., which means Croatia might fail again, even if it would be undeserved this year." - Paul Hutter  (Germany)

"The song, by itself, doesn't stand out. Now, if she keeps the shirtless dancers from the video (i.e., the best part of the video) for Eurovision, then it's making the final." - Sean P.Casey (USA)

"This song is alright but, really, it's just a Molitva rip-off, but with shades of Amaury's song last year and a hint of Enya. So basically a completely recycled song." - Olivia Gavazansky  (UK)