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SONG   "Korake Ti Znam" (I Know Your Footsteps)
SINGER    Maya Sar
MUSIC & LYRICS  Maja Sarihodžić
DRAW   #17 in the second semi-final



On December 9th, Bosnian broadcaster BHRT confirmed their participation in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku and just six days later, in a surprise announcement, they confirmed that singer and songwriter Maya Sar would represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in the competition, after an internal selection. On February 15th, Maya Sar announced that the song was titled named "Korake Ti Znam" (I Know Your Steps) and it was confirmed that it would be sung in Bosnian.

On March 15th, BHRT broadcast a special Eurovision themed show, where Maya Sar was shown working on her entry and interviewed and she also performed some songs, including the first airing of her Eurovision entry. The preview video was also released on the same evening.



A supremely talented singer/songwriter, Maya Sar brings passion and depth to her music and performances, including the self-penned song Korake ti znam, which she will perform for Bosnia & Herzegovina in Baku in May.

Maya Sar is a songwriter, composer and singer who works with the biggest names from the Balkan region. For many years she has been a member of Dino Merlin's band with whom she performed on stage at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf.

She is the founder of a regional humanitarian project, which helps to fight against cervical cancer Moj je život moja pjesma (My Life Is My Song) and the composer and songwriter of the eponymous song. For this she received the Golden Plaque Of The Great Human Heart by the International League of Humanists.

With her first self-penned single „Nespretno“, Maya Sar achieved remarkable success and gained the respect of the audience. She composes for other artists in the family studio Long Play with her husband and producer Mahir Sarihodžić and is also finishing her first solo album.



With Maya Sar not enjoying the same high profile of some of the previous internally selected Bosnian artists, few knew what style of song she would perform. General early reaction was somewhat lukewarm as there had already been three ballads chosen by former Yugoslav countries. However once the song was drawn in the best position in the draw, the chances of Bosnia & Herzegovina maintaining its 100% qualification record, appear to climb.

Maya has also recorded her Eurovision entry in English and in Italia and despite limited international promotion, the Bosnian entry is among the bookmakers Top 10 most likely qualifiers from the second semi-final. Bosnia & Herzegovina is available as a 150/1 shot to win the overall contest. Internet polls also tend to have the song sitting in the Top 10 favourites in the tougher second semi-final.


Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Wednesday May 16th 18:10 - 18:50 19:35 - 20:15
Sunday May 19th 13:00 - 13:30 14:15 - 14:45
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland.






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  • First entry: 1993*
  • Number of previous entries: 17
  • Best result: 3rd (2006)
  • Worst result: Second last (1996)
  • Qualification record: 6-0 (100% success)
  • *Also several entries as part of Yugoslavia.  




"A really pleasant song with a nice under-stated performance. I think that it will qualify with ease, from this great draw, but I could easily see it struggle if there are a lot of ballads in the final."- Keith Mills



"This is such an amazing and beautiful ballad which I absolutely adore. The melody of this song is so sweet. Maya is such a stunning singer and her voice is so smooth. Bosnia almost never disappoints. I hope for top 10." - Nicky Peeters  (Belgium)

"Why is everyone raving about this? Sounds great in the native language, great draw for a ballad, has diaspora, stands out after Norway – no wonder she is a favourite to qualify but nowhere near winning the whole thing. For me it is average." - Chris Church (U.K.)

"A soft emotional ballad which avoid the usual pitfall of turning into a dreary screaming thing. Top 10." - David Berlinger (Israel)

Not really a strong entry from Bosnia, while not being bad at all. I guess it was written to please the jury." - Paul Hutter  (Germany)

"Beautiful song, but not powerful enough to stand out at Eurovision. Could see this in my playlist rotation for a few years though." - Sean P Casey (USA)