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SONG   "Would You"
MUSIC & LYRICS Jean Bosco Safari, Walter Mannaerts & Nina Sampermans
DRAW   #8 in the first semi-final



With two Eurovision broadcasters taking it in turns to represent Belgium in the contest, for 2012 it will be the Flemish broadcaster VRT that will be flying the Belgian colours in Baku. Since the event expanded in 2004, only one Belgian entry has qualified from the semi-final; that was Tom Dice and "Me And My Guitar" in 2010. That song was chosen by VRT, through an internal selection, so there was little surprise on November 18th, when it was announced that another internal selection had been made and that 16 year old Iris (Laura van den Bruel) would represent the country in the 2012 contest.

On December 19th VRT made an open call for songs, which had to be submitted before January 16th 2012. After initial indications that a song had been chosen internally, VRT announced in February that they would after all have a public selection, between two potential Eurovision entries. On March 17th, in the last national final of the year, "Eurosong 2012: Een Song Voor Iris" was held. In the show, Iris sang the two possible entries and later that night, the result was announced, with the winning song "Would You" taking 53% of the public vote.



A young lady with youthful enthusiasm, a fresh look and a beautiful voice. 17 year old Iris will represent Belgium in Baku with her song Would You?

After Sandra Kim (who won with J’aime la vie in ’86, when was just 13), Iris is the youngest ever Belgian Eurovision Song Contest candidate. This spontaneous flower from Noorderwijk (Herentals) is only 17, but is all set to give Europe an unforgettable performance.

Iris was clearly bitten by the music bug when she was just a child. She skipped her way through her childhood, singing and dancing. She joined her local school choir. She sang a few local gigs and then, suddenly, she was ‘spotted’ in 2010 at a talent competition, jointly organised by Flemish teen magazine ‘Joepie’ and ‘Sonic Angel’ (the record company behind Tom Dice, who came 6th in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with Me and my guitar). Iris won herself a record deal and soon afterwards released her first hit single Wonderful.

When the VRT (the Flemish public broadcaster) announced that Iris would be representing Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, she was still relatively inexperienced and had never before appeared on national TV. The VRT was won over by her youthful enthusiasm, her fresh look and her intriguing stem. For Iris this announcement was a dream come true. She had been dreaming of singing at the Eurovision Song Contest since her childhood.

Together with the VRT, Iris (and record company Sonic Angel) went in search of lyricists and composers. Two songs were finally selected: Safety net and Would you. On Saturday 17 March 2012, Flemish TV viewers made the final choice. When she represents Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, Iris will be singing "Would You".

For one of his year's Belgian songwriters, this will be a second journey to Eurovision as Jean Bosco Safari (real name Jean Vijdt) was one of tthe backing singers on "Soldiers Of Love" which represented Belgium in Brussels in 1987. 



With no advance preview of the two songs in competition, an almost unknown artists (even in her home country) and being chosen after almost all other countries has had selected their songs, Belgium's entry almost passed by unnoticed. There has been little opportunity for international promotion, nor has a promotional video has been made for the song as the preview is simply the performance from the national selection.

At 150/1 to win the contest and 2/1 to even qualify from the semi-final, bookmakers don't rate Belgium's chances. Internet polls also rate Belgium as an unlikely qualifier, and the song is close to the bottom of popularity polls.


Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Sunday May 13th 17:25 - 18:05 18:50 - 19:30
Thursday May 17th 16:00 - 16:30 17:15 - 17:45
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland and the schedule has still to be confirmed officially






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  • First entry: 1956
  • Number of previous entries: 54
  • Best result: Winners (1986) 
  • Worst result: Last (4 times), failed to qualify (6 times).  
  • Qualification record: 1/7 (14% success)




"The "blink and you'll miss it" song for 2012. There's nothing especially wrong with this and it would make for a very pleasant late night radio song, but there's very little that is memorable the song or the performer, that is likely to attract televoters. It's doesn't have the simplicity of Cyprus 2004 and just goes by unnoticed and I fear another semi final failure for Belgium ." - Keith Mills



"The singer has a nasal voice which is very annoying. In this particular song the breathing technique of Iris is very poor which makes it appear to be simmering during the chorus. Furthermore, the song is nothing memorable and sounds like any music playing over the closing credits of a Sunday afternoon movie on TV." - Pedro Alexandre (Portugal)

"What a sweet song! This one could be a real sleeper for the whole thing, lets hope Iris can nail the live performance on the night. Should do well with the juries and stands out as a strong female ballad in a sea of euro nonsense! I’m praying this can get through." - Chris Church (U.K.)

"A lot of countries chose the wrong song in the national finals, but it takes a special level of stupidity to get it so badly wrong, when there are only two songs on offer. An unengaging singer, a bland song, the perfect recipe for nil points at Eurovision. " - Sean O'Brien (Ireland)

"After last year hideous entry "With Love" of Witloof Bay that almost qualified, Belgium send a sweet little song to Baku. Iris seems a sweet girl and she sings pretty well. I hope my country will qualify for the final. It's not an impossible task.." - Nicky Peeters  (Belgium)

"I was pleasantly surprised by the Belgians this year. Iris seems really experienced despite her young age, she has a strong voice and “Would you” is very strong. I see a new Tom Dice rising this year and I would love to see a top 5 result for the Flanders for a change."- Athan (Greece)