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SONG   "We Are The Heroes"
PERFORMERS   Litesound
MUSIC & LYRICS  Dmitriy Karyakin & Vladimir Karyakin
DRAW   #5 in the second semi-final



With one of the poorest qualification records since the Eurovision semi-finals were introduced in 2004, Belarusian broadcaster BTRC once again took over the control of the song selection, after a two year break. BTRC decided to change their selection process for Baku and in October they opened an open call for songs and to invite foreign songwriters to submit potential entries.

A jury chose 15 entries to be performed in a national semi-final, which was held on December 21st. Five entries advanced  to the final, which was held on February 14th at the Sports Palace in Minsk and hosted by Denis Kurian & Leyla Ismailova. The winner, chosen by a 50/50 mix of a televote and a jury was "All My Life" sung by Alena Lanskaya.  

However, on February 24th the Belarusian President conducted an investigation into the result after it was widely rumoured that Lanskaya and her producers had rigged the televoting, giving her 12 points and making her the winner. The result of the investigation was that Alyona Lanskaya was disqualified and instead Litesound, who had come second, were chosen as the new representatives of Belarus in Baku. Initially is was thought that Litesound may change the song they would perform at Eurovision, but it was soon confirmed that they would stick to the Eurofest entry, "We Are The Heroes" which the band has also written and composed.


Litesound is a truly international band, bringing together musicians from Belarus, Russia and Italy. In their fifth attempt, they finally won the Belarusian national selection this year, and thus will represent their country in Baku with We Are The Heroes.

Litesound is one of the most successful bands in Belarus, bringing us music in several genres and styles from classical rock to pop music. Litesound has twice received the “Song of the Year” award, and one of their biggest hits, The Life, was awarded "Ringtone of the Year" at the 2008 CTV channel Music Awards.

Litesound was founded by the Kariakin brothers, Dmitry and Vladimir. Nowadays the band has become an international project after the Italian musician and singer Jacopo Massa joined. With the Russian guitarist Alex Kolchin and the Belarusian drummer Ignat Yakovich the band has played more than 130 gigs during the last year.

Litesound took part in four “EuroFest” projects (the Belarusian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest), taking the second prize twice and furthermore reaching the finals of “Eurofest” in 2008 and 2009. Their album Going To Hollywood was the best selling album in Belarus in 2009. In 2010 Litesound represented Belarus in the “New Wave Stars” competition in Jurmala.

The list of Prizes and Awards given to Litesound features some impressive examples, including: Prizewinner of the MOVA Songwriters Competition, USA (2002), winner of Festivale Internazionale de Maiori, Italy (2006), The Song Of The Year award, Belarus (2008 and 2009), “Golden Ear” Radio award, Belarus (2009), TOP10 music videos of 2010 in Eastern Europe (2010), and not to forget the National Pop Music Award for The Best Music Video of the Year (2011) for their music video See You In Vegas.


The decision to change the Belarussian entry had a mixed reaction as many had preferred the originally selected song. Following Litesound's decision to stick with "We Are The Heroes", BTRC decided to bring in the Greek production team that had worked on Ani Lorek's 2009 Eurovision runner-up "Shady Lady" entry. Consequently the Belarusian entry went through a significant re-arrangement removing most of the rock elements. This decision has proven to be quite unpopular with both Litesound's fan base and on Eurovision forums.

Litesound have done a limited amount of international promotion and have instead concentrated on making a promotional video for their song, which will air in May. Bookmakers and internet polls different on the chances of Belarius making the final, with bookmakers ranking the song in the Top 10 most likely to qualify from semi two, but polls rankking it close to the bottom.


Date Rehearsal Press Conference
Tuesday May 15th 14:55 - 15:35 16:20 - 17:00
Friday May 18th 17:20 - 17:50 18:35 - 19:05
*Baku is four hours ahead of Ireland and the schedule has still to be confirmed officially






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  • First entry: 2004
  • Number of previous entries: 8
  • Best result: 6th (2007) 
  • Worst result: Last (2010), failed to qualify (six times)
  • Qualification record: 1-6 (14% success)





"This was my favourite song in the Belarus final, so I was delighted when it was finally confirmed that it would go to Baku. However my pleasure rapidly turned to horror when I heard the awful re-arrangement of the song that has been done for Eurovision. The song has lost its rock edge that made it stand out and not sounds like a very ordinary pop song. This is the poorest decision made by any country this year and I hope that it is reversed in Baku." - Keith Mills



"Strong enough to get out of the semi , but unlikely to trouble the top part of the scoreboard on Saturday night. Nice bop-a-long feel, but missing any real edge." - Dave Mongey (Ireland)

"Really great, super catchy although considering it's Belarus, qualifying isn't guaranteed." - Olivia Gavazansky  (UK)

"Good lyrics. Lousy song. Poor vocals. Not the hero they were looking for. It will take their supernatural powers just to qualify." - David Berlinger  (Israel)

"Once again Belarus shakes up things a little bit as it changes its mind on its representative. I mean if the Belarusians decided that Alyona Lanskaya should represent them, she should represent them. Litesound is one of my favorite national final bands, I think they will suffer the Vlatko Ilievski curse (they have participated in previous national finals with far better songs than “We Are The Heroes”)." - Athan (Greece)

"I like this much better than the withdrawn entry. It had a decent solid middle and a much more general appeal. However the make over has diminished it and it needs a lot of tightening up both in structure and vocally and the performance comes across as a tad amateurish at times. However I find it approachable, instant and jolly."- Allan River  (U.K.)